1. I have bought my tickets but I haven’t received an email yet.
You probably got an email when you purchased a ticket online. If you don’t have it in your inbox, please check your spam folder.


2.  Do I need to bring an ID?
Yes. Our event is for 18+. You must bring Australian valid Photo ID [Passport, Australian Drivers License or Keypass]


3. What is the dress code?
Dress to impress


4.  I have bought tickets. Do we get a printed ticket?
No. You don’t need a printed ticket. You just need to mention your name at the door (showing your Email and ID) and we will provide a number of entries (tickets). Please keep your email (that you have received after you purchased online) in case


5. How can I get updated news for the event that I have purchased?
Please go to our official Facebook Page and click the “Events” section, select the event that you have purchased your ticket for. Then click “Going” for updated news.